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Lush tropical foliage, secluded powdery beaches, rum punch, steel bands and reggae music, colorful buildings and even more colorful locals come together to produce a classic Caribbean experience in Antigua. But what sets this island apart is that the government and resorts all seem to have joined under one goal: to make life easier. It’s our number-one pick if you want a destination wedding or honeymoon that is completely stress-free.

English-speaking and luxury-travel travel focused, Antigua is like the chicken noodle soup of the Caribbean – familiar, friendly, and comfortable. Especially comfortable if you’re lounging on a powdery beach, fanned by a gentle ocean breeze, and sipping an ice cold fruity drink. With a steady temperature in the mid-seventies and eighties, an arid climate, and a position outside the path of inclement weather. It’s paradise, plain and simple.

Aruba is also one of the easiest Caribbean islands on which to get married. All you need to do is visit the Ministry of Justice in St. John’s with valid passports, complete the application, and pay around $240 in fees for your marriage license and marriage officer. Alternately, most of the Aruba’s hotels offer wedding and honeymoon packages, and some even offer a free wedding package when you book a certain number of nights.

For honeymooners and vacationers, Antigua is no slouch when it comes to activities. In addition to all the water sports you’d expect from its electric blue ocean, there are also several stables on the island, hunting for deer, boar, and game fowl, bike riding, hiking, swimming with stingrays, historical tours, zipline eco-tours, sailing tours and yacht charters, and of course, golf. From energetic romps around the island to digging your toes into the sand and refusing to budge, Antigua is sure to please everyone.

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