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Body Holiday LeSport St. Lucia

When you walk onto the lush tropical grounds of Body Holiday at LeSport, you feel like you’ve stepped into Paradise. The ocean breeze is warm and scented with flowers, and the sound of the waves instantly lulls you into a relaxed state. It’s truly the place to go to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit.

A stay at the Body Holiday includes a personal program of treatments – that means you don’t have to pay extra for daily pampering at the spa. You can devote every day to your personal pleasure and physical well-being. Their lengthy list of unique activities is ideal for people who find their Zen while working out, and include tennis, yoga, scuba diving, golf, water skiing, pilates, fencing, archery, and adventure programs that take you trekking into the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

Le Sport, an all-inclusive hotel combines all the pleasures of an active beach vacation, with cares designed to revitalize and relax both body and mind. Above all, LeSport offers a fun, pampering and rejuvenating holiday, and promises you will return home feeling like a million dollars. Traveling solo? This is one of our favorite destinations for solo travelers!

Elite Travel planned and coordinated “The Biggest Loser” I Do-ReDo wedding with Marty and Amy Wolff at Body Holiday Le Sport. It’s one of Tammy Levent’s favorite relaxation spots – and St. Lucia is one of her favorite islands.

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