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The Crane

If you want a bit of history and culture with your Caribbean vacation, The Crane residential resort has it all. The Marine Villa, forming the east section of the Crane Hotel, was built in 1790, and began hosting hotel guests in 1887. In fact, it may be the oldest operating hotel in the Caribbean (one of its first celebrities was Buffalo Bill, who left his pocket watch as payment).

Nestled on a pink sand crescent beach, protected by a natural coral reef, sits an elegant residence resort – The Crane. Boasting half a mile of ocean frontage and panoramic views of the blue Atlantic that fade into eternity, this historic newly re-developed resort possesses an enchanting flavor. Today, this romantic luxury resort has been completely restored, and was named “one of the top 50 must-see places in the world” by BBC-TV’s Holiday program.

While we love the historic residences, which comprise the 18 original guestrooms decorated in exquisite antique furniture, there are also modern residences with private pools in the garden area, and newly built “private residences” built to capture spectacular ocean views. They’re like having your own luxury apartment in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Barbados.

Zen, the signature restaurant of The Crane, was named #1 for food in Barbados by Zagat in 2009 and 2010 – and that level of quality extends to everything The Crane property does. Its 55,000 square foot Crane Village puts Rodeo Drive to shame (and even the Champs Elysees might blush) with its cobblestone streets, tropical gardens, and giant Duty Free emporium. It’s a high-end shopper’s tropical paradise.

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