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Saint Lucia as your ultimate honeymoon destination

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Looking for your ultimate honeymoon destination? It probably needs to be beautiful and romantic with plenty to do when you and your new spouse want to keep busy, and great beaches when it’s time to relax. Saint Lucia meets all of these expectations and more.

Saint Lucia is located on the Eastern side of the Caribbean, where couples can enjoy gorgeous beaches and miles of rainforest. The Piton Mountains, two mountainous volcanic plugs, serve as your backdrop, so be sure to take plenty of selfies to document this gorgeous honeymoon of yours.

There’s so much to do on the island, from enjoying the views to diving deep into the waters where you can sit under a rainforest waterfall. Couples can toast their nuptials on a champagne sunset cruise, enjoy a candlelit dinner on a private beach or take a couple’s bath. This bath has special healing powers since it’s done in mud. This treatment dates way back to the late 1700s, when King Louis XVI of France ordered the construction of baths fed from the springs of Soufrière’s volcano. He did it to allow his troops to benefit from the water’s therapy powers. You and your loved one can do the same by soaking in the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens or in the Sulphur Springs.

Saint Lucia truly is an island paradise for water lovers! The warm trade winds that gently tousle tree tops are ideal for sailing the deep blue waters that surround the island. The Caribbean Sea, which caresses the western coast of the island, is known to be particularly calm in comparison to the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast, and is a favorite among avid sailors and first timers.

When it’s time to dip your toes in the water, Saint Lucia’s blue water is the place to do it. The lovebirds can take a sailing trip around Saint Lucia to recharge and relax, dive below to see the reefs and corals.

If your wedding has put a dent in your wallet and you’re looking for a honeymoon that’s all-inclusive, look no further. There’s Papillon by Rex Resorts, an all-inclusive resort that has activities such as Reggae Night, live bands, karaoke, volleyball, bingo and cricket. The all-inclusive rates include accommodations, activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding, and meals at the two restaurants on the resort.

When you’re planning the perfect wedding, make sure you talk to your travel agent about planning the perfect honeymoon. Saint Lucia should definitely be your ultimate honeymoon destination.

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