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Thailand for a Romantic Honeymoon

Wondering where to go for your honeymoon? While there may be many honeymoon destination choices available, and all over the world, you want to be sure you choose the perfect honeymoon location for you and your new spouse. After all, your honeymoon is a special time in your life so you deserve to go anywhere you want to go! More and more honeymooners are looking to explore their honeymoon choices these days instead of simply choosing one of the more popular honeymoon destinations.

Thailand = Romantic Honeymoon!

Is Thailand your dream destination? As more people choose to visit Thailand we’re quickly finding out is that this beautiful Southeastern Asia country is able to offer some of the most romantic honeymoon getaway choices in the world! Newly wedded couples who are looking for lots of rich culture in faraway places will surely enjoy honeymooning in The Land of Smiles.

All your senses come to life when visiting Thailand and its surrounding areas. This off the beaten path honeymoon destination includes spectacular scenery that offers beautiful caves, dramatic cliffs, limestone islands, aquatic grottoes and much more. In fact, there’s so much to do in Thailand that many vacationers return over and over again so they can see all that Thailand has to offer!

Things To Do

There’s something for everyone when honeymooning in Thailand, making it a truly versatile honeymoon option.

  • Bangkok is the capital city, a big city where couples can engage in the high life and experience the local party scene. There are plenty of classy sky bars as well as plenty of great food and dancing opportunities. Starting or finishing your honeymoon in Bangkok is often recommended.
  • Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and provides plenty of fun adventure activities for newly married couples, with other islands in the area also offering tons of fun. Couples can take day trips to these nearby islands, take tours through the lush mountainsides, or even rent their own yacht so they can explore the islands at their own leisure.
  • Other fun activities include rock climbing, diving, renting bicycles, renting motorbikes, and kitesurfing.
  • Couples can even ride elephants in Thailand, a great choice for animal lovers!
  • Booking romantic massages and hanging out on private beaches is available, a must for all newly married couples!

Checking Thailand’s calendar as the country holds lots of festivals is highly recommended.

5 Romanic Thailand Luxury Resorts

Couples who choose a Thailand honeymoon are often looking to indulge themselves in the many experiences the Land of Smiles has to offer them. The following are a few romantic luxury resorts in Thailand that honeymooners will surely enjoy!

  1. Anantara in Bophut.
  2. The Railei Beach Club (rents houses right on the beach!)
  3. Crown Lanta Resort.
  4. Keemala Phuket.
  5. The Shore at Katathani, Phuket.

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