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Trinidad & Tobago

Outside the hurricane belt, the two islands of Trinidad & Tobago are ideal year-round for destination weddings, honeymoons, vacations, and just-because-you-need-it trips. Known for its Carnival celebration and its music (it’s the birthplace of steelpan and calypso), it’s also got a few surprises in store – like the Divali festival, which is the largest celebration outside of India.

While many Caribbean islands cater to the cocktails-on-the-sand crowd, T&T is ideal for active and adventurous couples. Kayaking, cave exploration, hiking through rainforest waterfalls, drift diving the coral reefs, and even goat racing (or crab racing) are popular pastimes. But the real adventure just might be found in the kitchens.

Of all the islands, Trinidad & Tobago has the widest range of ethnic cuisine, stemming from its rich history. You have Creole, from the African slaves, with its rich soups, red beans and chicken. You have East Indian food, from the many Indian indentured servants the British brought over, with curries and aloo pies. And you have Chinese fusion, like dasheen pork, from yet more indentured servants brought from China. If you’re walking down the street late at night, you’ll find vendors selling everything from jerk barbecue, to roti, to Creole corn soup. You might even find iguana stew. These islands should be at the top of the To-Go list for foodies!

Non-residents have only been able to get married on the islands since 1996 with a special marriage license. There is a three day residency requirement before the marriage, but other than that, it’s the standard documentation and a $55 – in cash – license fee. Many of the hotels offer wedding packages with event planners to help with everything.

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