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Underwater Honeymoon


Weddings take place at many venues, including at a church, in front of the Justice of the Peace at City Hall and even in backyards. Some adventurous couples have taken their nuptials to the sky and said their vows jumping out of a plane or standing on a mountaintop, but what about underwater? Are you ready to dive below the surface and say your I Do’s?

According to, there are many beautiful locations that make for a great backdrop for an underwater wedding ceremony. These places include: Bora Bora Lagoon, Polynesia; Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas; Bali; Hawaii; Fort Lauderdale; Mexico; Great Barrier Reef, Australia; dive destinations in Thailand; Mauritius; and Cayman Islands.

You can get married at one of these destinations or you can head to Thailand for an annual event that has taken place on Valentine’s Day for more than 20 years. It’s the Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony in the province of Trang, a three-day wedding festival where couples get married underwater, and then enjoy dancing, Thai cuisine, and other traditions.

In any one of these beautiful destinations, you will be submerged with an underwater helmet or scuba suit on, while you say your vows, exchange rings and commit your love to each other. Sounds amazing, but what about the rest of the wedding? For example, what happens to your guests and what do you wear?

Guests: Let’s start with the guests because while some couples have friends and family that will trek to Hawaii, Mexico and even Australia to witness your wedding day, the odds are that they won’t put on a scuba suit too. However, there are alternatives. Your ceremony can be sent, via live stream, to a nearby boat, where you can celebrate afterward or you can stream it to the venue back on the beach. Before making big plans, however, you really should survey those you want to be there, to see if they would still come just to watch the nuptials take place on a screen.

Attire: You don’t need to give up a traditional wedding dress or tuxedo for your big day. You can actually wear them during your ceremony or save them to change into after the ceremony is over.

Lessons: If your dream of being married underwater means that you have to take scuba lessons, consider that before your big day, although some of the destinations allow you to take lessons once you arrive. Make sure both of you and your guests are comfortable for the big day.

If an underwater wedding is what you want, make sure that you contact a travel agent who can arrange all of the details.

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